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Protecting Big Ears

Protecting Big Ears
Published by Barney Leeke on Thu, 17 May 2018 12:17

As work begins on repairing the issues with the church's stonework - to control the damp and make it a more inviting space - the oldest monument (affectionately known as Big Ears) has to be moved. The children of our 'Lego Church' STEM club got the chance to hear direct from the stonemasons how this precious artefact will be preserved and protected for future generations.

A 12th century coffin lid, Big Ears is mounted in the wall at the base of the tower and suffers from occasional knocks and bangs. The church has received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to complete the restoration works in the church and move Big Ears to a safer and more prominent home.

Lego Church is about getting Year 6 children enthused with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), by using the fabric of the church building and the cavernous space it provides to explore these subjects in a practical, fun and relevant way. 


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