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Forest Church Foray

Forest Church Foray
Published by Barney Leeke on Wed, 8 May 2019 20:22

St Andrew's has moved out of the church building and into the primary school opposite while essential maintenance work is carried out. This has given us a whole new space to explore our relationship and understanding of God in, including an amazing outdoor area where children and adults can safely connect with God through the natural world.

Forest Church

The lectionary reading for our first week (bible readings set by the church for every Sunday) was about the risen Jesus meeting his disciples on the beach while they were fishing (John 21). The disciples have fled from Jerusalem, back to where they feel safe and secure, to something they think they know all about: fishing. It isn't going well though, they haven't caught a thing! Then they see Jesus sitting by a fire on the beach, he tells them where to put their nets and they soon have a massive haul of fish to cook for breakfast.

At Forest Church we thought about how Jesus is able to meet us where we feel safe and secure, which for some may be outside in the fresh air and sunshine, and how he has shown he is king over all creation (including us!) by creating a sudden catch of fish. What better way to meet with God then than outside surrounded by all that he has created.

Forest Church Discussions

Crafts included making fish, nets and rods. We played a game of fish and fishermen that got everyone moving and thinking! We lit a fire and burnt sticks that represented what we wanted to say sorry for, afterwards cooking fresh flatbreads on the embers just as Jesus did. And through all this was woven the appreciation of our natural world and time to reflect, discuss and share.

Forest Church will continue at 10am every Sunday, rain or shine, while we are at Cherry Hinton Primary School.