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Extinction Rebellion at St Andrew's

Extinction Rebellion at St Andrew's
Published by Barney Leeke on Thu, 8 Aug 2019 12:54

As more organisations, including Cambridge City Council, declare a cimate emergency, many of us are thinking about our role in both where we have got to and any redressing of the imbalance. This isn't unusual for Christians, each of our regular services contains reflection on how we have not lived as God wants for his creation, and an exhortation and investigation of how we can begin to change that. This includes (and has always included) caring for the world we have been given.

On Sunday 11th August representatives from the local branch of Extinction Rebellion, a non-violent direct action movement demanding urgent action from the government in the face of climate change, will be speaking at our main service and joining us for Forest Church outside. This will be an opportunity to prayerfully consider our response to the growing crisis and the role of the church in bringing about local, national and international change.

Join us at 10am, we are still meeting in the Primary School just across the High Street from the church while restoration works take place in the main church building. There will be something for everyone and a warm welcome for regulars and newcomers alike.