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The Friends of St Andrew's

St. Andrew’s Church is embraced by a large group of 'Friends' who support the church as a heritage building at the heart of this community. 

'The Friends' began their excellent work about a decade ago, as they spearheaded fundraising efforts on behalf of the church tower. Without their efforts, Cherry Hinton would have lost a tower which holds the oldest bell in Cambridge. 

Subsequently The Friends have focused on the Centre, giving it much needed updates, and extra equipment which enable it to host so many of the area's local groups at an affordable rate. 

Recently the Friends made a major donation to the heating appeal which replaced boilers in both Church and Centre.

The Friends host a series of concerts, teas, and the all important Quiz Night as they seek to encourage as many as possible to get behind the vital work of preserving this beautiful 13th Century church, and the functional Church Centre for the next generation. 

If you'd like to get involved in this very worthwhile cause, we are always looking for individuals and businesses across the local area, and those further afield. Most of our members don't attend church services, but still want to help out as a member of The Friends. 

If you have ideas for fundraising, if you have a skill or talent such as artwork, graphics or photography, or if you'd just like to come along to see what we do, please email info@friends-of-standrew.org.uk or visit our website.