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Giving & Gift Aid

Giving to St Andrew's

Donations to our church can easily be made via JustGiving.

Or make direct bank transfers to our account: Lloyd's Bank -- St Andrew's Cherry Hinton

Sort Code: 30-91-74   account number: 02201116

If your gift can be gift aided, please download a gift aid form and send it to us (or use ChurchDesk link above)

THANK YOU very much.  Your gift will help to ensure that St Andrew's is able to help others for years to come.

Gift Aid at St Andrew’s

Like most charities, St Andrew’s operates a Gift Aid scheme. Those who pay income tax may sign a declaration that what they give is gift-aided, and the income tax on that sum (basic rate - higher rate tax payers can claim back the additional tax in their annual return) is recovered by the Church. This adds 25% to the value of the gift.

There are two ways in which this is organised:

  1. Regular givers are asked to sign a card, which is retained by the church. For weekly givers a record of gifts is made possible by the use of numbered envelopes, while for those who give directly from their bank accounts the monthly bank statements provide the requisite documentation.

  2. Occasional or “one off” givers can put their gift in a white gift aid envelope (available in the church), filling in the necessary details on the outside, or use one of the online methods detailed above.

For further details contact the Gift Aid Officer, Ralph Hawtrey (rswhawtrey@gmail.com), telephone 01223 244723.

Download our gift aid form.