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As our numbers of young people grow, we are struggling to feed them all! And to fit them into the available space. Our youth group is called 'Second Sundaes' becuase it meets in the vicarage at 7pm each Second Sunday of the month for... ice cream sundaes. All year 7's and up are most welcome to join us.

Teenagers also have their own 'Brunch Church' on the 4th Sunday of the month, again in the vicarage, meeting there at 10 for breakfast and joining everyone else for communion. On the second Sunday they take an active role in the service. On the third Sunday they host the coffee hour for the rest of the church, having baked cookies first (and tried to keep the younger children from eating them all). On other Sundays they can go out to Forest Church or stay inside for the service as they wish. Teenagers play a key role in the life of our church, as actors, sound engineers, general labourers, chefs, servers, readers, prayers and organisers of interchurch football tournaments. We aim to take them all away for a residential trip each year in some way or another, and occasionally join up with other churches for a night of 'Champing' (camping in a church). 


All teens are very welcome -- we aim to help them find their place within the worldwide church, and within our loving local church family as they grow to maturity.


Please contact the Vicar (email or 07971 936253) for further details.

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